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music for large ensembles

Hiraeth (for piano, viola, cello, bass, 2 trombones) (2017) 15 min
Commission from Jason Hardink and Nova Chamber Music Series
Premiere perfromance: April 25, 2017. Salt Lake City, UT.

quintessence (for flute, clarinet, horn, trombone, violin, bass and percussion) (2015) 20 min
Commission from Ensemble Mise-En
Premiere perfromance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. May 18, 2015

Study #2 (for violin, cello, 2 guitars, flute and oboe) (2012) 9 min

Study #1 (for violin, cello, 2 guitars, flute and oboe) (2011) 11 min

Nyx (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, trombones, tuba and percussion) (2011) 10 min
Commission from The Contemporary Music Ensemble
Premiere performance: CUNY New Music Festival. May 1, 2011.
Additional performances: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. May 5, 2011.

Apocarpous (for flute, clarinet, viola, guitar, percussion) (2010) 14 min
Commission from Festival Puentes and Mare Nostrum
Performed by Ensemble Espirales.
Premiere performance: National Auditorium of Madrid. October 22, 2010.

The Unmarked (for full orchestra) (2009) 15 min
Commission from the Contemporary Youth Orchestra (Cleveland)
Premiere performance: Cleveland State University, Waetjen Auditorium. December 12, 2009.

Woodwind Quintet (2007) 12 min

All that is ours (for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, soprano) (2006) 15 min

solos and small chamber ensembles

lites (for trb., bs trb., tb) (2015) 15 min
Commission from trombonist David Whitwell
Premiere performance: New York, NY, Spring 2015 [TBA]

alcmaeon (for amplified flute, violin, percussion) (2014) 10 min
Commission from The Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Premiere performance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. April 9, 2014. Additional performance: Signal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. December 11, 2014.

categoriae (for piano, percussion) (2013) 12 min
Commission from Dr.Faustus “Hammerklavier” project
Premiere performance: DiMenna Center for Classical Music. May 31, 2013.

On Interpretation (for amplified flute, percussion) (2013) 13 min
Commission from the Vigil Ensemble
Premiere performance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. April 10, 2013.

cuncta fluunt (for soprano, amplified flutes) (2013) 12 min
Commission from Ensemble 365
Premiere performance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. October 10, 2013. Additional performances: Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY. May 28, 2014; The Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY. June 5, 2014; Jan Hus Church, New York, NY. November 23, 2014; Spectrum, New York, NY. December 11, 2014.

De Anima (for percussion quartet) (2012) 9 min
Commission from Ensemble Tambuco
Premiere performance: Centro Cultual Ollin Yolitzli, Mexico City. November 18, 2012.

Miniature Quartet (for string quartet and animation) (2012) 6 min

Sound Imagery No.3 (for piano) (2009) 10 min

String Quartet No.3 (2009) 9 min

Sound Imagery No.2 (for violin, clarinet) (2008) 8 min

Forget Nothing, and forgive me anyway (for violin, narrator) (2008) 16 min

String Quartet No.1 (2008) 13 min

Study (for cello) (2008) 12 min

String Quartet No.2 (2008) 10 min

with electronics

panta rhei (for piano and electronics) (2022) 10 min
Commission from pianist Jason Hardink "Concord Revisited" project
Premiere performance: Salt Lake City, UT. March 22, 2022.

Sound Imagery No.5 (for violin and electronics) (2015) 10 min
Commission from Dr.Faustus "New Synchronisms" project [written for Karen Kim, violin]
Premiere performance: Willow Place Auditorum, Brooklyn, NY. May 20, 2015

Promissus (for prónomo flute and electronics) (2015) 15 min
Commission from flutist Julián Elvira
Premiere performance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. June 22, 2015.

Sound Imagery No.4 (for 5 8ve marimba and electronics) (2014) 12 min

Nombre de Olvido (for percussion and electronics) (2010) 12 min
Commission from percussionist Miguel Bernat (Drumming Percussion)
Premiere performance: Festival International de Composición de Tres Cantos, Madrid. October 17, 2010. Additional performances: Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça, Portugal. December 23, 2011.

for other arts

Music for theater:

  • "Stupid Fucking Bird" (Parallel45 production) 2019
  • "Cyrano" (Parallel45 production) (2015)
  • "Our Town" (Parallel45 production) (2010)

Music for dance:

  • PitutuPi (for string quartet) Choreography, Mariana García Ramos (2006) 15 min 
  • Con Sentida (for string orchestra, guitar) Choreography, Anna Mazo (2005) 25 min

Music for film:

  • "Nada que hacer" (short film written and directed by Helena Mayorga, Madrid) (2006) 25 min
  • "Death of a Clown" (short film written and directed by Hyunsoo Moon, Boston) (2005) 15 min


“Compositional Spaces in Mario Davidovsky’s Quartettos”, in Form and Process in Music, 1300-2014: An Analytic Sampler (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016)

Book Review. Teresa Fraile Prieto: Música de cine en España. Señas de identidad en la banda sonora contemporánea (Signs of Identity in Spanish Film Music). TRANS - Revista Transcultural de Música, No.16 (2012)


November 2–5, 2017 @SMT
Will be presenting my resent paper "Near-Symmetry: a Theory of Chord Quality with Implications for Voice Leading" at SMT 2017, Arlington, Virginia.

March 21–22, 2014 @MTSMA
I presented my paper on Mario Davidovsky's Quartettos at the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic (MTSMA) Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia.

March 28-30, 2014 @WCTA
West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis. University of Utah.
Paper: Mario Davidovsky's Quartettos

April 5-6, 2014 @SCI
University of Iowa SCI Chapter New Music Symposium.
Paper: Mario Davidovsky's Quartettos