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Fall 2019

News from the East Bay in no particular order...

Spent the summer in Northern Michigan, as composer / sound designer / music engineer for Parallel 45 Theatre. The productions (Hair, Stupid F* Bird, and Little Bunny Foo Foo) were challenging! Made great friends (long summer days will do that). Shout out to my wife for supporting me though 15-hour days for 2 ½ months.

My first year as an Assistant Professor at Cal State East Bay came and went in an instant, it felt. The program is undergoing exciting changes and I am very much looking forward for the year ahead. I love my students, they are truly remarkable.

I spent most of the year involved in getting the Computer Studios up and running. The most exciting part of this was when our very own Buchla (70s modular synth) made the news. Some videos of the news story HERE, and HERE.

And! I had the guys from The Hub come by the music department this past Spring for our first ever computer network music workshop!

Jason Hardink premiered my latest piece, Hiraeth (for piano and chamber ensemble) in Utah before we moved West. It was an incredible performance. It must have been a good experience for him too, because I just confirmed a second commission. The new piece, for piano and tape, will be part of larger project he is working on to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the publication of Ives' Concord Sonata. The piece will be premiered in the Spring of 2021.

And, last but not least, shout out to Zoo Labs, a wonderful local non-profit organization that empowers artists, who's had me over twice already in a mentorship role. I have greatly enjoyed my experience there, and have learned so much from these cultural leaders who are changing lives (including mine) through their art.

Happy Fall everyone!

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